Show Off Your Irish Pride

How do you describe Irish Pride?  The feeling of returning to campus; waking up to the smell of bratwurst on game day; running around the lakes; splashing in Stonehedge; lighting a candle at the grotto; looking up at Touchdown Jesus with tired excitement after your last final; and knowing that you are a part of it all.

So how do you display your Irish Pride?  On a window, car, desk, or even bicycle…this license plate succinctly expresses what words really cannot:  Proud to Be ND – Irish Pride coursing through our veins – all day, every day. 

Share your pride with those who understand, or elicit jealousy from those who can only begin to imagine.  Support our mission of making Notre Dame a vehicle for - and product of -  tomorrow’s leaders. 

Donate $200 or more by June 30 to receive the limited edition “Proud to Be ND” vanity plate. Vanity plates will be mailed after July 1, 2013.

Proud to Be ND decorative license plate