Dear Friends,

You are part of a special community with a history of making an incredible difference at Notre Dame.

For 38 years, generous gifts from Sorin Society members have benefited areas of greatest need throughout the University, often serving as the seed or cap to launch or complete critical and strategic projects.

The following pages reflect how Sorin gifts have provided numerous improvements throughout campus, including classroom and laboratory updates, residence hall renovations, academic programs, professorships, financial aid, and experiences that are vital to our campus and our mission today.

Over the years, our membership and impact have grown, but some things remain consistent. Financial aid continues to be a critical priority. Tuition assistance makes the Notre Dame experience not only possible, but extraordinary. I am fortunate for the glimpses of this experience I see on campus every day—the bonds formed in our residence halls, the excitement of old and new Notre Dame traditions, the respect and reverence students have for our Catholic values.

You are making a difference today, and for the future. Specifically, Sorin funds contribute to the University’s Strategic Research Investments, cutting-edge research initiatives that are doing work of immense importance around the world in fulfillment of Father Sorin’s mission to be a means for good.

When I speak with Sorin members, I often tell my “Notre Dame story,” the reasons why I’m so passionate about what we do here every single day, and why I’m grateful to each one of you. Whatever your Notre Dame story may be, I hope it continues to fill you with pride, joy, and enthusiasm for all we achieve together.

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.

Yours in Our Lady,


Amy Schell
Director, Edward Frederick Sorin Society


Annual gifts from Sorin Society members benefit areas of greatest need throughout the University, enhancing the student experience and advancing the mission of Notre Dame. You make a difference in the lives of our students each and every day.For this incredible generosity, we are deeply thankful and strive to show our gratitude.

The Sorin Society is comprised of more than 8,900 members who are alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Sorin members qualify for experience levels based on the following annual giving tiers:

sorin_levels_corby sorin_levels_sorin sorin_levels_blue sorin_levels_gold

*Those who have an undergraduate degree from the most recent ten years are eligible for membership in Corby Young Alumni.



The Gift of a Lifetime

A Notre Dame education is an incredibly valuable investment in a person—and not simply because of the quality, rigor, and access of the education. Notre Dame is a place for students dedicated to improving their minds, hearts, and souls.

Over the years, the University has ensured that top students are given the opportunity of a Notre Dame education, regardless of their financial situation.

In support of this goal, financial aid has been and will continue to be a priority for the Sorin Society. Last academic year, Sorin funds provided more than $6,000,000 in undergraduate financial assistance to students eligible for need-based and merit aid.




Last year, Sorin Society funds supported Notre Dame Global Gateways, a network of facilities and academic programs in Beijing, Chicago, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome. Each of these academic centers provides a place where scholars, students, and leaders from universities, government, business, and community gather to discuss issues of topical and enduring relevance.

Funds were specifically provided to assist in the renovation of the new Global Gateway in Rome, a 32,000-square-foot building located one block from the Colosseum. The facility serves as a home for the School of Architecture’s Rome Studies Program, which houses undergraduate students during their junior year and graduate students for a semester.

At Home In Rome

Looking back, Michael Langer can’t imagine his college experience anywhere else.

The senior double major in architecture and psychology spent the 2013–2014 academic year in Rome, and along with 31 other architecture juniors, was one of the first to experience the newly renovated building.


Soft-spoken and modest, Michael talks about his Rome experience with great appreciation, from attending the canonization of Pope John Paul II, to “field trips” to Tuscany, Venice, and Sicily, to living just a block from the Colosseum. 

“Words cannot express how incredible the experience was. It deepened my understanding and connection to classical architecture and urbanism. We were close to so many historic places. A 20-minute walk to the Vatican. A five-minute walk to get gelato,” he laughs.

Michael’s parents were born in Poland, and moved to the United States in the 1980s, where Michael grew up in the Chicago suburbs. His roots are very important to him—he serves as secretary of the Polish Club on campus and used his Christmas vacation last year to visit his relatives in Poland.

On campus, Michael found a home with his brothers in Zahm. He believes the past few years have deepened his Catholic faith, and he plays the viola during Mass every Sunday night. Michael is cognizant that his Notre Dame experience is possible thanks to financial aid and the generosity of University benefactors.

“Applying to colleges, my biggest concern was whether or not my family could afford it. I am deeply grateful for the generosity of others that enables me to be here. My education here has been invaluable.”

Looking forward, Michael is combining his majors by researching how architecture can affect a person’s social and emotional wellbeing. After he graduates from the five-year undergraduate program, he plans to find an internship in the Midwest, obtain his license, and go to graduate school.

“You see that programs can be so competitive. At Notre Dame, people push you to be better, but there is a sense of camaraderie. Seeing what my classmates are doing is inspiring, and I pick up on that drive.”



Notre Dame is a place where we educate tomorrow’s leaders, put forward a viewpoint in society informed by faith, and provide resources necessary for future discoveries.

In academic year 2014, Sorin Society provided nearly $700,000 to the Center for Research Computing (CRC), a critical department that works with disciplines across campus to advance scientific discovery through high-performance computing and software development.

Students and faculty work with the CRC to decipher catastrophic problems impacting the current population and generations to come. Using simulations and specialized frameworks, Notre Dame researchers are pursuing solutions that will have a meaningful impact in our world.



The thought of a senior thesis seemed overwhelming to sociology major Karyn Vilbig last year. She crafted her thesis question, "how do marketers create narratives of slum tours to make them seem appealing to consumers," but didn’t know how to conduct the research she needed to answer it.

Karyn found assistance at the Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS), which launched in the fall of 2013 in the Hesburgh Library. The CDS enables students and faculty to explore methodologies, analyze data, and share results in ways never before possible.

Digital Initiatives Librarian Eric Lease Morgan helped Karyn use content analysis to aggregate the information she needed. She learned how to use web indexing to gather raw data.

The Sorin Society provided approximately $90,000 for the center’s inaugural year. Moving forward, the CDS will serve as a resource for every academic discipline, and empower the next generation of scientists and scholars to create new knowledge in a digital environment.



The drive to understand the unknown—in the mind, the heart, the human condition, and the universe—has spurred generations of Notre Dame students and faculty to new discoveries and insight.

Notre Dame undergraduate students are given opportunities to participate in research of significant importance, working side by side with faculty and graduate students. The University seeks to prepare leaders for a world in need and to continue to advance knowledge across a wide range of disciplines in search of truth.

To this end, Notre Dame has made a bold commitment to provide internal funds and additional resources to Strategic Research Investments (SRIs). This select group of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research initiatives promises to broaden our scholars’ contributions to key global issues.

The Sorin Society contributed more than $7,000,000 to these SRIs. Notre Dame will continue to establish itself as a preeminent Catholic research university, and an enduring voice for healing, enlightenment, and unity.

Research is central to Notre Dame’s Catholic character. As Pope John Paul II wrote, “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” His statement reaffirmed the Church’s long-held belief that the pursuit of knowledge is an essential and deeply meaningful approach to God and His creation.





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