Notre Dame Golden Moments Share

Author: Patrick Borders

Notre Dame Golden Moments is an initiative to collect stories of passion, pride, or other memories from Our Lady’s University. Please click "More" to read inspiring moments from the Notre Dame family


Maria Gibbs '17 - Golden Moment Share

Author: Patrick B.

Maria Gibbs Edited

In December, there was a moment when I had just climbed halfway up a suspension footbridge tower to install a sensor and I thought, “How did I get here?”



Notre Dame Day 2016 Share

Author: Mark Naman

Notre Dame Day 2016

JOIN THE CELEBRATION ON APRIL 24th AND 25th BEGINNING AT 6:42 PM EST. Notre Dame Day is a global celebration of the Notre Dame mission that engages, informs, and inspires people to take action and give back. Notre Dame Day is a chance to celebrate and give to what you love most about the University! Visit for more information.